Kashif Free Wellness Clinic For Women & Children

Through our clinic in Rawalpindi, we provide basic health screenings, preventative care and immunizations and see 30 to 40 patients a day.  We also provide women with educational resources and skills training here such as a small library and computer lab with computer skills classes.

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Anti-Tobacco Health Education Campaign

We provide materials and curriculum in Urdu and sponsor ongoing anti-tobacco health education to school-age children at numerous schools across Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

Hepatitis C Health Education Campaign

We are working with a number of organizations, local physicians and community leaders to stop this epidemic often spread through unsanitary and unsafe practices such as reuse of needles in healthcare and reuse of infected razors by barbers.


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Breaking Barriers – Scholarships & Vocational Training Program

OMEED scholarship recipients

What if a young person from a servant family had the opportunity and support to become a trained carpenter, tailor or beautician?  Could they break barriers of poverty?  For our pilot program, we have selected 20 scholarship recipients who say yes.

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The Bathrooms Project

We learned that a lack of bathrooms is preventing young girls from attending school in remote villages.  We want to change that.  We are building bathrooms. 

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Computers for Kids

We have introduced children to computers and basic computer skills training by creating and supporting computer labs and providing teacher and curriculum support. We currently support over 30 schools across Pakistan and Azad Kashmir

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SL Schools Project

Leel School

 We are supporting the renovation and rehabilitation of three elementary schools in rural areas of Suprai and Leel in Gujranwala District, outside of Lahore.

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Support for Schools for Children with Disabilities

We proudly work with and support several schools that are designed and operated for children with disabilities, particularly in remote areas of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.

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OMEED Free Clinic for Acute Care and Physiotherapy in Azad Kashmir

In June of 2006, OMEED created a free acute care and physiotherapy clinic to serve the community of earthquake survivors in Garhi Doputta, Azad Kashmir. OMEED directly operated the clinic for 2 years, seeing 50-100 patients a day. In 2008, we transitioned the clinic’s services over to local healthcare providers to merge into the local health care system.

This project was generously funded by Operation USA (www.opusa.org ).

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EcoDome – Girls Vocational School and Community Center

Amidst post-earthquake reconstruction in Azad Kashmir in 2007, we built an ecodome – an earthquake-resistant, low-cost and environmentally low-impact building. This striking structure serves as a community center and vocational school for girls and underprivileged women.

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