The ground shook.

In October of 2005, Azad Kashmir and parts of Pakistan were struck by devastating earthquakes measuring 7.6Mw, leaving 75,000 dead, millions homeless and thousands with life-changing physical injuries and post-traumatic stress. Like many volunteers from around the world, retired surgeon, Dr. Jamil Tareen, and his wife Rehana Tareen, traveled there from Minnesota to try to help.

Dr. Tareen worked in make-shift surgical camps performing surgeries. Rehana Tareen rolled up her sleeves to help refugees get food, clothing and basic supplies to survive the cold winter. Working closely within the communities of survivors, they identified many needs – physical therapy for amputees, food and clean drinking water, kerosene stoves to cook food, basic building supplies to rebuild modest homes. Family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues and concerned community members came forward with offers of donations, time and ideas for how to help directly, effectively and quickly. It happened organically.

The result was the founding of OMEED.

OMEED is an Urdu word meaning hope and an acronym for Organization for Medical, Educational and Economic Development. OMEED is a Minnesota-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Since 2005, OMEED has been on the ground in Southeast Asia providing emergency relief, clean drinking water, healthcare services, education and vocational training to communities in need.   Our active volunteer board directly manages all projects to ensure oversight and maximum impact of donor funds.

View OMEED’s 2014 Annual Report.

Dr. Tareen examining earthquake survivor.

Dr. Tareen examining earthquake survivor.

OMEED computer certificate award ceremony

Rehana Tareen (in blue) awarding certificates to women who completed OMEED’s computer training program at Kashif Free Clinic facility.


Dr. Jamil Tareen, a native of Kashmir, is a retired general surgeon. He completed his surgical training in England and Canada and practiced medicine for 31 years at Pembina County Memorial Hospital in Cavalier, North Dakota and its surrounding communities. Dr. Tareen and his wife, Rehana Tareen, retired and moved to Minnesota. They both serve on the board of OMEED and frequently travel to Pakistan to set-up and directly oversee projects. Dr. Tareen serves as the Executive Director of OMEED.
Asmah Tareen is an attorney at Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., where she advises technology and service companies on protecting their intellectual property, negotiates contracts and manages domestic and international business transactions. Asmah also adjunct teaches legal courses at a local university, and speaks, writes and volunteers with select non-profit organizations that strive to promote peace, opportunity and sustainable development for underserved communities. Asmah serves on the board of OMEED.
Anila Daulatzai is an anthropologist who has worked in refugee camps throughout Pakistan as a reproductive health consultant and throughout Afghanistan in camps for the internally displaced for over a decade. She has Master’s degrees in Islamic Studies and in Public Health with a specialization in International Health from UCLA, a Master’s degree in Anthropology from Johns Hopkins University, and a PhD in Social Anthropology from Johns Hopkins University. Anila served on the board of OMEED from 2006-2008.
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