One drop at a time, water can create a river.  OMEED’s approach is to develop and invest in projects that are small and focused but have an impact that is wide and long-lasting.   Many of OMEED’s projects have grown organically as volunteers have been able to identify needs and propose solutions. By focusing in on a specific community, clinic, a public health issue, a school, or a skillset for employment, we can start to solve big problems.  We can provide hope.


Thousands of children living in poverty across Southeast Asia do not have the opportunity to get a basic education or learn skills for employment.   OMEED’s education projects include reconstruction of dilapidated schools, construction of drinking water and restroom facilities, setting up computer lab facilities, providing teacher training and curriculum, providing basic health education, providing vocational skills training, and supporting schools that work hard to provide quality education for children with physical disabilities and special needs.

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Economic Development

Education leads to opportunities. Opportunities lead to economic development.  Many young people living in poverty leave school early to work as unskilled laborers and servants in order to help support their families.   OMEED is helping young people climb out of this cycle of poverty by learning a vocational skill, a trade or computer skills for employment.   Read about our scholarship program designed to identify underprivileged young people who are motivated to study and work hard and help them gain skills and employment.

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Disaster Relief

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Victims of natural disasters, as well as man-made disasters, often lose everything – loved ones, their homes, their possessions, and their livelihood.   They often face starvation and disease in post-disaster conditions.  OMEED has provided food, supplies and medical care and to earthquake survivors in Azad Kashmir in 2005, to internally displaced refugees who fled Swat and Malakund in 2009, and to flood survivors in the Neelam Valley in 2010.  By coordinating with local volunteers and other non-profit organizations, we are able to help get support to people where and when they need it most.

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Clinics & Health Care

OMEED® clinics have provided physiotherapy to earthquake survivors, acute care to populations in remote areas, and basic preventive healthcare for women and children in urban areas.

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Current & Ongoing Projects

OMEED’s current and ongoing projects include the Kashif Free Wellness Clinic for Women and Children, The Bathrooms Project, and Supporting Schools for Children with Disabilities. Read on to learn more about what we are doing right now.

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Success Stories

Read about some of OMEED’s success stories, including EcoDome – Girls Vocational School & Community Center, OMEED Free Clinic for Acute Care and Physiotherapy, and our Emergency Relief projects.

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