SL Schools Project

Leel School

 We are supporting the renovation and rehabilitation of three elementary schools in rural areas of Suprai and Leel in Gujranwala District, outside of Lahore.

Goals:  To provide financial and curriculum support for the renovation and rehabilitation for three rural Schools in Suprai and Leel in Gujranwala District

Partners:  Project Manager, Dr. Bilal NaqviMuqbil Rubab Memorial Welfare Society, a family and volunteer based, non-profit organization in Lahore that is focused on initiatives that include reducing poverty, and improving education, health, and sanitation; and the Care Foundation (, a Pakistan-based non-profit foundation that focuses on adopting distressed public schools from the government and rehabilitating them through rebuilding their facilities, hiring trained teachers and staff and implementing appropriate curriculum. 

 Highlights:  Dr. Naqvi and the Muqbil Rubab Memorial Welfare Society are working with care to rehabilitate these public elementary schools.  CARE adopted the three SL Schools in late 2010 and has since increased enrollment, added classrooms, and provided teachers and custodial staff to each school.   As of April 30, 2011, the Boys Primary School in Leel had an enrollment of 172 students; the Girls Primary School in Suprai had an enrollment of 107 students, and the Girls Middle School in Leel had an enrollment of 290 students. This initial phase of this project provides for the renovation of 3 classrooms at the Boys Primary School in Leel, constuction of new classrooms at each one of the three schools and providing operating expenses to support the hiring of qualified teachers and appropriate curriculum.

 The Society and Care have agreed to collaborate in the rehabilitation efforts.  CARE has agreed to provide all operating services for the SL Schools which include, but are not limited to staffing of trained teachers and personnel and implementation of appropriate curriculum.  The Society will provide funding for operating expenses to CARE and will directly manage construction projects.  CARE, the Society, and the Project Manager have identified and assessed the initial needs and estimated costs for rehabilitating the schools.

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